Let’s Play Pokémon Infinite Fusion Part 13: Celadon Secrets

We’re back and today it’s Celadon time! There is a lot to get through here so let’s just get on with it. First of all, we need to talk to a very useful man in the Pokémon Centre.

He teaches the three elemental punch moves, and we want one of each. Citizen Snips gets Ice Punch and Thunder Punch, and April May replaces Rock Smash with Fire Punch. This should really help round out our kind of bad coverage.

So let’s have a look around this big city! Celadon reminds me of London, with the tall town houses and general built-upness of it all.

Just to the south of the Pokémon Centre we find this Rocket member. They’re obviously quite the presence in this city.

The casino looks hella grand in this game.

The Pokémon prizes aren’t too spectacular, but I really want those TMs.

We of course need the Coin Case before playing.

We find this near the Hotel’s trash.

Notably, we don’t seem to need Cut to enter Erika’s gym. Which makes a lot more sense. Why are the gym leaders in this generation so determined to not do their jobs? I swear, add in those construction workers from a few updates ago and it’s looking like Kanto is just full of layabouts.

There’s this mini quest to deliver the Odd Keystone to this scientist’s brother in Johto. This will probably be a long way away, so let’s keep this in our back pocket for now. The Odd Keystone is usually associated with Spiritomb, so perhaps that isn’t what’s link to that bell in Lavender Town.

Time for the more official quests. This scientist wants to see either an Espeon or an Umbreon. She says that she wants to see what Eevee evolves into using a Sun Stone or Moon Stone, and it’s a hint that these are different evolution methods in this game.

If your research hinges on a stranger coming by with a specific Pokémon I want to know what your funder is. I could use some easy money.

So it’s a timing thing. Hmm. Let’s investigate this further later.

It’s a videogame. All legends, rumours and myths are 100% likely to be truth.

This is… fucked up. For some odd reason, the egg we got in Lavender Town doesn’t actually count though! So she’s straight up lying to my face!

Sounds interesting! But let’s check out the café normally first.

Oh hey it’s our old friend the fossil guy!

Of course you did.

Looks like I was right, and now he’s using a fusion of the two fossils I didn’t pick in the past!

I think Shieldon is a better line than Cranidos.

Buying Coffee is a nice touch. She goes to the coffee maker and returns with the coffee.

Just like old times. We’ll do some gambling later.

Oh I just adore this trainer type.

And I adore this Pokémon too.


The hipster gives us a Latte, which looks like quite a useful battle item.

Super Splicers seems to reduce the negatives that occur from splitting your Pokémon. Since we’ll never be unfusing any of our brood, the ability to choose our nature might be the only benefit we see.

Picking up some items! TM81 is X-Scissor, an utterly fantastic move.

Flute Dude is here too!

After a quick rest at the hotel, there’s now a new area at the back of the café. Hmm…

This is so fucking dark and seedy and so over the top. I kinda live.

It looks like they sell random fusions every day. We are so utterly not taking them up on this offer.

Erika is outside her gym here. We chat to her a bit:

She dives into the sewers. Looks like this might be the story hook here instead of the underground of the casino.


Checking out the houses around the city, we find some Move Tutors. The first is this lady who can teach Roost – this replaces Leech Seed on Valefor.

I love the modern aesthetic of Celadon. The town houses are a really nice touch.

Definitely going to have a sewer level aren’t we?

Another collector here nets us a very nice windfall.

Londoner vibes.

Off to this big tower.

Pickup is a wonderful ability. Aw, I still miss Evan/Asterius.

The parallax here looks… kinda goofy and out of place.

This is a cute little side quest which makes acquiring the Celadon Eevee make a bit more sense.

We’ll need Surf to see what this guy has to say.

Now that we have Guybrush on the team, we can evolve it immediately and knock out that quest in the hotel! The thing is, this is going to be our next fusion, and since I have the option between Espeon and Umbreon I have the opportunity to plan the next addition to our team well.

So say hello to Route 16! You might notice that Snorlax there… Well we’re not fighting that yet, obviously. Instead, we’re going to catch something in that patch of grass.

Yet again I missed a screenshot of the encounter but I caught Sentry here with a Quick Ball. This is who will be fusing with Guybrush and it definitely helps me make an informed decision about what the fusion should be. While Umbreon would lead to a decently bulky Pokémon with high Attack, the Espeon/Dodrio fusion that I could have has fantastic offensive output.

Just after that encounter this happened:

I am so thankful that this happened after finding Sentry.

Before we head back to Celadon, let’s explore the end of this route!

Just an alternative to Teleport in this case! Useful either way though.

One Sun Stone later and it’s time to go complete a quest!

Definitely a problem in the ssyntax sscript here. Either way, I do believe it is now time to test these new splicers!

So far so good…

This is quite cute. Very much a Dope. I’m apprehensive about what the reverse will be.

This will not go well, will it?

Oh what a shame.

Fucking love a language pun though.

Now that we have explored most of Celadon, let’s go shopping!

The first floor here has the generic shop goods.

Dig is a nice find which will finally give April May a Ground-type move.

The rest of the department store is the usual stuff – battle items and vitamins. Here, we pick up something important though: a Leaf Stone. Now, we can evolve Phantom! We have a Sun Stone too and the evolutions are very much almost identical – so we’re choosing the evolution based on looks. So let’s take a gander!

That certainly is a vile krow.

I don’t know what I expected. It’s certainly… something.

We’ll stick with Bellkrow. At least it looks happy and the stats are barely

We get two Soda Pops here, which is quite nice. Maybe it’s penance for the abomination that is Bellkrow.

So before we take on the sewers, we should see what’s in the place the underground used to be!

Well that puts an end to that.


I play a bit of Voltorb Flip here, but it’s just such a slow way to gain coins and the rest of the games here (roulette and the slots) are far too luck-based to be worth the time. So, moving on.

Here’s the entrance to the sewers.

Erika here is really useful. Your team is healed up to full at the end of every battle!

There are also wild Pokémon here! I decide to catch this Grimer, as I consider this place a dungeon as opposed to part of Celadon itself.

Jelly gets sent to the box.

This battle is a doozy.

Erika joins us here, and hopefully this will end up showing us her team for when we fight her later!

We take a lot of really hard hitting Poison attacks here, and after this battle I decide I need to reshuffle my team around. Before that though, this battle got us an important level!

Doesn’t it just look awful?!

After picking up these items, I head back to the centre to heal. While we’re there, we might as well fuse our two new additions!

This first version of this fusion is quite weak, having less Attack and being as slow as molasses.

This form is stronger and is so cute it almost makes me want to use it.

This is the team I’m using to take on the sewers. Apart from Valefor and April May, they are vastly underleveled. I foresee grinding in my future.

Even single-trainer fights are double battles with Erika along for the ride.

That Tentaicate is absolutely horrific. Raticate fusions are really horrible.

This dungeon is chock full of really awful things.

See what I mean?

Walking past this computer for now…

This is a very powerful move. As luck would have it, we have a metal snake who is very in need for a powerful Poison-move!

And here is the gimmick of the area. It’s a water-level puzzle.

With the sewers flooded all the Rocket grunts on the lower level flail about to stay alive. It’s beautiful.

Sure have!

I’m sick of Erika’s horrific abomination.

Very useful. This goes on Ketchup, who has done very well out of this dungeon.

Now we use the computer to get down to this new area of the sewers. This is the basic cycle of the dungeon – alter the water level to access the next part.

Gloomer is how happy I want to be all the time.


Heading on. The puzzles in this sewer include making the planks break off by standing on them when the water is drained to turn them into useable bridges when the place is flooded.

This looks suitably final.

Erika has been wholly unhelpful throughout this entire exercise. Her Pokémon are so weak against Poison and they use useless moves like Constrict and Barrage.

Once we get to this room we’re fully in the Rocket Hideout! There are two doors and Erika makes us choose one of them. She’ll take the other, and somehow knows that you’ll both meet up at the end.

It’s a classic Team Rocket base.

We first come across this guy, Doug. His Pokémon are not much of note but they are very high level.

The puzzle isn’t very hard and the items aren’t much to talk about.

The enemies are getting very powerful, and we’re suddenly really feeling the sting of not having Erika’s healing.

We do however get this nice development.

I’m retreating for now. We sorely need to grind. Next time we’ll be a lot more powerful, and we’ll take on the Rocket Base in earnest.

Post-Update Summary

We have explored so much of Celadon City today, and acquired rather a lot of Pokémon. Despite this, we really haven’t completed much of the city at all! We still need to complete the Rocket Base and take on the Celadon Gym. Hopefully we can finish these tasks next time. We’re also really starting to feel the pain of swapping around our party so much, with only Valefor and April May managing to keep pace with the enemy levels. In response, I’m going to take some time to boost up some levels. Until then, peace out.

New Pokémon

Celadon City: Guybrush the Eevee
Route 16: Sentry the Doduo
Egg: Bob the Wynaut
Celadon Sewers: Jelly the Grimer

New Fusions

Glookrow (Gloom + Murkrow) evolved into Bellkrow (Bellossom + Mukrow)
Gyarabat (Gyarados + Zubat) evolved into Gyarabat (Gyarados + Crobat)
Drowby (Drowzee + Krabby) evolved into Hypby (Hypno + Krabby)
Espeon + Doduo = Esduo
Wynaut + Grimer = Wymer

Death Counter

Asterius the Meowlett
Yuri the Togebra

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