Let’s Play Pokémon Infinite Fusion Part 19: Setting Myself Up For Failure

Hey all. Last time we did a bit of exploring and suffered a grave loss. Today, let’s keep pressing on. We’re going to explore the new area added by Pokémon Infinite Fusion: Crimson City!

As you can see, Crimson City appears to be directly north of Rock Tunnel and the Power Plant.

Oddly, this place doesn’t seem to have a Pokémon Centre. Flying here takes us directly to the hotel, which is a good a place as any to start our exploration of this new city.

The first person we talk to in this entire city is looking to buy Mankey Paws. And why? What possible use? Are they magical wishing talismans? Aphrodisiacs? Tasteful décor? Sick.

Oh you’ll pay me? I’m in.

Woman: …install a PC here.

Yeah this is the Centre replacement. It basically acts the same except the healing costs $50 and advances the in-game clock a bit.

Might as well have a check out the accommodations.

Only a ‘short’ nap for me, I just want to see what the city looks like in the daylight.

We have quests to take here too, of course!

Weirdly, this lady seems to provide a hint instead of a quest (along with some bad grammar). Needless to say, this is something we’re going to have to keep on the backburner until we get the HM for Waterfall.

Long story short, there are lots of Shellder all over the previous route and we have to punt them back into the ocean. That should be doable.

This storm must have happened in the six hours I was asleep because there were no Shellder strewn about when I made my way up here.

We’ll get on with this before the end of the update.

Very simple. That’s all she says.

I… will not. This battle is a death trap. Not only is she not fucking about with a Level 45 Scyther/Beedrill but her actual Bellsprout is Level 77. This lass can utterly do one until we’re ready to utterly crush her and all she holds dear.

Like the Fire/Water quest from way back, this is a quest that will rely on luck. Nuzlockes are quite the limiting factor.

I love meta-commentary.

The move is Outrage, probably the most powerful Dragon-type move. It’s like Thrash and Petal Dance in that the user is locked into using the move for a few turns and is then automatically inflicted with Confusion, but it’s so powerful that it can be used to great effect. I spent $10000 to teach this to April May.

We have no Dratini.

Crimson City is quite a small location at first glance. What sort of aesthetic are they going for? Everything is a bit… higgledy-piggledy. Why the random shipping container? I see no docks.

Some generic Pokémon-centric chatter, but what we want in this house is from the lady at the bottom though.

Shell Bells are great. They make it so that the holder recovers a bit of HP with every offensive strike. This is great for attackers.

Like I said, it’s a small place.

Time to explore the northern reaches of the town.

I was about to write ‘who would want to live on a small island that is just almost solitude except you’re within spitting distance of the town centre’ and I realised that I would want to live in almost solitude within spitting distance of the town centre.

This scientist’s home has some interesting things. Ability Balls are a new addition to the game, we’ll have to remember to check them out when we reach Saffron City. We should do that soon…

This dude sells a very important item.

As you may be able to tell from the description, this is a really cool item. I don’t think I need to think about this right now but it’s nice to know where I can find one.

Further to the west we find some more pieces of land.


Looks like we don’t actually need Waterfall! Rock Smash does just as well. For reference, some of these rocks gave me Geodude encounters but we’ve already had one of them, so I’m not bothered about catching one.

It’s… a very small cave with this singular Pokémon inside.

Mawile is a very cool looking Pokémon.

I’m happy with this outcome.

Back in Route 23, we’re going to save some Shellder!

Easy enough. Let’s make our way through the route and save the cute little bivalves.


This makes sense.

This is also a very nice reward. Shell Smash doubles the user’s offensive stats and Speed, at the cost of some defence. It’s a risky strategy but perfect for setting up a sweep. Carol Kane can learn it, so Carol Kane did.

I really need to start levelling up a team ready to take on Sabrina. Before I end this quite short update on a training montage, I’ll just take care of another quest that I’ve put off for a moment or two.

Time to clean up Cycling Road of Grimer!

Bleeeergh to you too, mate.

Bulldoze makes short work of all three. Once they are taken down, you need to return to the middle of Cycling Road.

Something of a boss battle, though it doesn’t manage to land a single hit on Caledfwlch here.

Not terrible. We can sell these.

We also forgot to turn this quest in back from when we found Chansey in the Safari Zone! Let’s see what Chansey has for us.

Oh fantastic! Lucky Eggs increase the amount of EXP the holder receive from battle. This will make the forthcoming grind a bit less painful.

Just checking in with the aide here, and we are very close to the next milestone. Hmmm.

The Quest log is in the Key Items, and it’s… a bit buggy. Between the duplicated Bug Evolution quest and the Lost Pokémon! Quest there that we just handed in, it’s not the best feature of the game, but it does help. Evolving a bug to the highest evolution should be quite easy. Now, it’s time to pick out a team to take on Saffron City.

Lots of levels needed here. Silver is only here to level up a bit until the Venonat half of her evolves so we can see if that counts for the Show The Kid A Fully Evolved Bug quest. Now I am going to go do some off-screen grinding. I will be right back.

This is certainly interesting.

Huh, looks like this configuration isn’t actually Bug-type… looks like we have a use for a DNA Reverser!

If you forgot, the DNA Reverser swaps the positions of the Body and Head parts of a fusion, changing up the stats, abilities and typing of a fusion. On some fusions this is very useful, as they can fit different niches in each form. This is rare however, most fusions have a configuration that is just… better.

Good grief. I don’t like it.

I tried to show Silver to this kid and for some reason, it didn’t work. At first I thought it was a bug (hah) but then I remembered: Lickitung has a very awful but nevertheless existent evolution.

Venolicky will… do.

And it looks like a large pervert.

Ooh what might this be? A Rare Candy? A PP Max maybe? Some trash?

Huh. I wasn’t expecting this. I was only joking when I said ‘some trash’.

Well, Gil, looks like you’re being fused into a bagworm.

Aide: …precious relic.

I have a feeling that the GS Ball will be used to obtain Celebi. Just a feeling. And with that, we have no obligation to do any more quests! But I’ll still try and do all I can under the rules of the Nuzlocke, as the rewards can be quite nice.

And now, a fusion.

This is going to be quite a bad fusion regardless of what we do. Bad Special, bad Special Defence, awful Speed and quite bad HP. It shines in Attack and Defence regardless though which is nice.

I can’t say I hate it. That colour scheme slays and that face is utterly adorable. Unfortunately, the alternative fusion is just that much better at taking a hit that we’re going to err on the side of caution.


oh no

Oh noooooo

Just showing off the first time I’ve ever had to really think about what ability to give a Pokémon. While Sturdy will help this abomination survive a bit, Intimidate is often more useful in the long run.

Bold is a +Def nature if I remember correctly, so this was a very easy decision. This thing is going to be bulky.

On with the grinding!

I spent about two and a bit hours watching Juno Birch videos on YouTube as I got all these beauties up to a decent level. I probably overlevelled a bit, but you can’t be too safe in this game – we don’t want another Ketchup.

The first evolution goes to our most recent team addition. I decided to give her a chance, and she has a decent movepool.

This is… damn awesome actually.

I had to.

Fiero was the next Pokémon to get the grinding treatment.

That face is going to haunt the entire line, isn’t it?

… Yup.

Moving on, Rhapsody got the treatment next, grinding against the Poison-type trainers on Cycling Road with the handy Teleport move.

Going well, going well….

FUCKED IT. What an ugly handsy boy.

Moving swiftly on, there’s no way this adorable thing could end up ugly, right?

Ah, that’s so nice! Poliwhirl evolves into Politoed at level 37 in this game, which is nice. No trade evolutions in this house.

Oh you were so close to being good. But also, I kinda live for it. It gives me “deep sea monstrosity” vibes and I like that. The more I see it, the more I love it. Oh wow I’ve taken a full 180 in this paragraph alone. Carol Kane is my queen and I serve only her.

And with that, we’re almost done: I just have one little thing to do:

A Leaf Stone provides us with the final evolution of the update.


See y’all next time.

Post-Update Summary

Again, we didn’t get much done in terms of progress. But now we have an up-to-date team and we’re ready for the next plot beat! Although, I think we’ll be exploring some routes next time instead. Every bit of EXP helps.

New Pokémon

Crimson City: Gil the Mawile
Pewter City Gift: Juno the Pineco

New Fusions

Lickinat (Lickitung + Venonat) evolved into Lickimoth (Lickitung + Venomoth)
Lickimoth reversed into Venotung
Venotung (Venomoth + Lickitung) evolved into Venolicky (Venomoth + Lickylicky)
Maco (Mawile + Pineco) evolved into Matress (Mawile + Forretress)
Exegginch (Exeggcute + Trapinch) evolved into Exeggva (Exeggcute + Vibrava)
Exeggva (Exeggcute + Vibrava) evolved into Exeggon (Exeggcute + Flygon)
Exeggon (Exeggcute + Flygon) evolved into Exeggugon (Exeggutor + Flygon)
Gaskull (Gastly + Duskull) evolved into Haunskull (Haunter + Duskull)
Haunskull (Haunter + Haunskull) evolved into Haunclops (Haunter + Dusclops)
Haunclops (Haunter + Dusclops) evolved into Genclops (Gengar + Dusclops)
Omawhirl (Omanyte + Poliwhirl) evolved into Omatoed (Omanyte + Politoed)
Omatoed (Omanyte + Politoed) evolved into Omatoed (Omastar + Politoed)

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